Traffic Control Box Artwork

We asked artists to consider the theme, Chattanooga’s Cultural Corridor, when thinking of the Rossville BLVD corridor. Thirty submissions were received. These finalists will have their artwork installed on seven different traffic control boxes in the 37407 zip code.

Colorful Diversity
28th and Rossville BLVD

Carina Miller
Chattanooga, TN

I’m very excited to be part of this project! My piece is a digital painting of several bird species from around the world, I chose each based upon the immigrant and racially diverse populations of the region. The birds included in the design are (from left to right): A Grey-Crowned Crane from Southern Africa, a Crimson Sunbird from Southern Asia, a Quetzal from Central America, and an American Redstart which has a migratory range through both North, Central, and South America.  I think this piece shows both a superficial and a metaphorical meaning… it gives an artistic view of exotic birds, but it also represents the human diversity of the area. I also tried to have my color palette match the colors seen along Rossville Blvd on storefronts and signage. 

A little bit about me: Hey, I am Carina, and I’m 16. I use both traditional and digital mediums, explore art styles, and support endangered species conservation with my artwork. 

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United Hues
Workman Road and Rossville BLVD

Corrine Walsingham
Chattanooga, TN

This is a multi media piece surrounding colors, race and human identity. Melding people together. I photographed two spray painted hands to show this. All the different colors represent different sectors of our communities, the hands are how we come together, broken and cracked sometimes, to show one beautiful human identity in this world. I hope this work inspires others to reach out to cultures they don’t understand and cross the divide into another persons world. 

Cycle Share
34th and Dodds Avenue

Rachel Veal
Chickamauga, GA

I feel like they capture that sense of timeless determination within the heart of people, the striving to live even in adversity, the sense of family that creates the place of home in all circumstances, and the beauty of humanity in general. I see those things when I’m driving down Rossville Boulevard—kids playing, people working, families and neighbors living their lives together.

“A Boulevard Re-imagined”
48th and Rossville BLVD

Harlan Lovestone
Chattanooga, TN

My art piece celebrates the architecture of Chattanooga’s Cultural Corridor and across the city. It is also inspired by the many beautiful colors I see around Chattanooga in people, places, and things. I really wanted the piece to be colorful to add excitement and interest to the area that it will be displayed.

nos, juntos
32nd Street and Rossville BLVD

Erin Elizabeth Flettrich
Chattanooga, TN

I chose to use my design to honor Chattanooga’s hispanic and latino community. In my design, you will see a modern version of Our Lady of Guadalupe atop a stratigraphic topo map of Chattanooga. Our Lady of Guadalupe, while retaining Her religious relevance, has come to be a significant symbol of social justice. She calls all of us to declare independence from those who oppress us, those who want to destroy us, and those who fail to recognize the importance of individuality in a cultural crucible.

37th and Rossville BLVD

Audrey Menard
Chattanooga, TN

Christian is a fictional character who lives here in the 37407. He asks us to look closely at what we have in unapologetic detail. When he was chosen to live on a BLVD traffic control box, I called a young local artist, Jose Serna, to see if he wanted to collaborate. I introduced the him to the character and invited him to create a background in the style that he imagined Christian’s art. I passed off the piece to Jose, and Christian returned in a color-full, funky Rossville BLVD landscape. By collaborating (a young illustrator, a fictional artist, and myself), we had the chance to make a small space for each of these voices to be heard, echoing an invitation down the cultural corridor that we each need each other, we need each other’s voices, questions, and participation, and we need to listen to one another, if we are going to continue to grow towards becoming the community we dream of becoming. 

The People In Your Neighborhood
37th and Dodds Avenue

Elayna Jenkins
Chattanooga, TN

Growing up in the East Lake area, my neighbors and community influenced my early years and are the basis of who I am today. My artwork highlights some of the old and new faces that have shaped the community. It provides a glimpse into the glorious melting pot that our community has become. With its rich history and diverse cultures, East Lake continues to be a great place to live.

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