2nd Annual Rossville BLVD Taco Tour

2nd Annual Rossville BLVD Taco Tour

Explore Chattanooga’s Cultural Corridor!

This year’s Taco Tour has been completed but these great restaurants are still around. Take a look below to learn about the tasty and unique offerings at each location.

Celebrate the culinary culture of Latin America by visiting the local taquerias along the Rossville BLVD corridor. A mini-menu is provided for each restaurant and translated to English to help you navigate the unique food offerings at each location. Some restaurants are take-out and cash only, read descriptions before you go!

Participating Restaurants:

Miss G’s Tortas y Tamales

4801 English Avenue
(423) 653-8394
11a – 8p; Closed Sundays

Featured Taco: Fish – Flour tortilla with pico de gallo, Chipotle mayo, cucumber, radish, lime and salsa.

Empanadas– your choice of meat with cheese, cream and lettuce.
Veggie Taco – Grilled zucchini and yellow squash, tomato, onion and cilantro in a corn tortilla.
Tortas – Your choice of meat, onion, jalapenos, avocado, tomato and lettuce.
Chiles Rellenos– Queso fresco inside, covered with egg, served with red sauce and a side of mexican rice.
Tamales de Rajas con Queso – a steamed bundle of corn flour with choice of meat filling, tomato and jalapeno wrapped in a corn husk.

Restaurante El Gallo Giro

4700 Rossville BLVD
(423) 805-4760
9a – 10p, 7 days/week
Dine-in, Take out

Featured Taco: Taco Supreme – Steak, pico de gallo, sour cream and green and red (spicy) salsa in a hand-made corn tortilla.

Molcajete – Beef, chicken, Mexican sausage, cactus, bell pepper, tomato, onion, melted cheese, queso fresco, mexican onions, jalapenos.
Pupusa Chicharron – corn tortilla stuffed with pork and side of Mexican cole slaw.
Horchata – rice, milk, cinnamon, peanuts, and sugar.
Pollo Loco – Chicken, rice, refried beans, cheese sauce, flour tortillas.
Chimichanga – Deep-fried flour tortilla with your choice of meat and onions, bell peppers, cheese.

Taqueria la Delicia

4308 & 3001 Rossville BLVD
Sunday – Thursday, 10a – 930p Fri & Sat 10a – 10p

Featured Taco: Pastor -Shredded pork with onions, cilantro, and salsa in a corn tortilla

Pollo Con Papa – Authentic Guatemalan dish Fried Chicken with homemade french friends, ketchup, mayo, hot sauce, and corn tortillas.
Camarones al Chipotle – 12 Shrimp in Chipotle sauce with corn tortillas, rice and beans.
Mar y Tierra – Shrimp, chicken and grilled steak with rice, beans, tortialls and pico de gallo.
Carne Asada – Seasoned flank steak, Mexican onion, rice and beans.
Mojarra Frita – Whole fish (grilled) with side of rice, beans, and guacamole salad.

Huerto Fruteria

3710 Rossville BLVD
Dine-in or Take out
10a – 11p, 7 days/week

No tacos here but we love their fruit drinks!
(Note: Tajin and Chamony are seasoning typically used in Mexico with fruit and dessert dishes.)
Mangonada – Mangos, tajin, chamoy blended together for a cold and refreshing treat.
Pina Loca – Watermelon, mango, melon, jicama, cucumber, chamoy, tajin served in a half pineapple bowl.
Nieve con Fruta – Your choice of ice cream layered with strawberries.
Elote Loco – Traditional Mexican drink- fresh corn mixed with mayonnaise and cheese, topped with crushed Takis chips.
Mamey Fruit Smoothie – Mamey fruit blended with milk and ice. Mamey fruit is traditionally grown in Central America. The taste is comparable to an Apricot or Raspberry.

Amigos at Peerless Mill

501 McFarland Ave
(706) 841-4040
11a – 9p, M – F
Sat 12 – 9p
Sunday 1130a – 830p

Featured Taco: Grilled Steak or Chicken Mexican Style Taco – Soft corn tortilla filled with your choice of meat, topped with cilantro and fresh onions. Served with a side of salsa verde.

Los Tres Primos –  1 hard shell, 1 soft shell & 1 mexican style taco, served with rice and beans.
Enchiladas Suizas – Grilled chicken, steak, shrimp, or carnitas topped with spicy suiza sauce and served with rice and a sour cream salad.
Chimichangas – Two fried flour tortillas filled with ground beef, shredded chicken or beef. Topped with cheese dip, served with rice, beans and guacamole and sour cream salad.
Pollo Loco – Grilled chicken, steak, shrimp, or carnitas over rice, topped with cheese dip and served with 3 flour tortillas.
Pollo Picoso – Grilled chicken, steak, shrimp, or carnitas sauteed with onions with rice and beans, topped with cheese dip and served with 3 flour tortillas.

La Familia Mexican Restaurant

516 Chickamauga Ave
(706) 956-3210
11a – 9p, M – Th
11a – 10p, F – Sa
Closed Sundays

Featured Taco: Street Taco Carnitas
Slow cooked pork tips with a hint of orange, served on corn tortilla, garnished with onion and cilantro and spicy salsa on the slide.

Taco salad -Seasoned ground beef served on a crunchy flour shell, topped with cheese sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and shredded cheese.
Original enchiladas – Two shredded chicken or beef, topped with non-spiced salsa and shredded cheese, accompanied with a side of rice.
Burritos – Chicken or beef, topped with ranchero salsa served with rice and beans.
House Nachos – Seasoned beef or shredded chicken nachos topped with cheese sauce.
Organic Top Shelf Margarita.

Taqueria el Chepe‘s

3208 Rossville BLVD
Dine-in or Take out
10a – 11p, 7 days/week

Featured Taco: Lengua– Beef tongue garnished with onion, cilantro, lime and served in corn tortilla.

Menudo: Beef belly soup with red chile and garnishes (served on weekends only).
Sopes– Grilled steak with cliantro, onion, cheese, sour cream served on top of a grilled corn tortilla.
Tortas – Your choice of meat with mayonnaise, avocado, lettuce, tomato, cheese served on savory bolillo Mexcian sandwhich bread.
Quesdaillas – Meat and cheese grilled inside a flour tortilla.
Burrito – Choice of meat inside a flour tortilla with rice, beans, lettuce, cucumber and radishes.

Tacos Darleen

28225 Rossville BLVD
(423) 394-8653
1030a- 9p, Tuesday – Sunday
*CASH ONLY. *Take-out only.

Featured Taco: Birria – Beef braised in a bold aromatic chilli sauce, mozzarella cheese, onion, cilantro, red sauce.

Chicken Flautas –  Flour tortilla filled with chicken, beans and rice, lettuce, pico de gallo, parmesan cheese, cream and green sauce.
California Burrito – Beef, avocado, tomato, lettuce, onion, cheese, beans, rice, chiptole wraped in a tortilla with side of fries.
Tacos– Choice of chicken, asada, or al pastor (pork) with lime, onion, cilantro and red sauce.
Quesdaillas – Chicken or steak served with rice, beans, pico de gallo, red sauce and lime.
Burger – Beef with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayonnaise and served with side of fries.

Tienda Maya #5

3511 Rossville BLVD
(423) 702-5956
5a- 9p, 7 days/week

Featured Taco: Tripa – Cow intestine taco with cilantro, onion, in a homemade corn tortilla

Costilla de res -Ribs with red sauce, rice and beans.
Fajita Mix – Shrimp, bell peppers, mushrooms, rice and beans.
Guisado de Res– Chicken or beef stew with red sauce, rice and beans.
Quesadillas – Chicken, beef and shrimp with cheese, side of rice and beans. Shrimp taco– Shrimp in a corn tortilla with cilantro and onion.

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