Project Directors
Heather Herweyer
Jazmine LeBlanc

Advisory Board
Bryan Bradshaw
David Johnson
Jay Martin
Karen McKinney
John Sweet
Melonie Lusk
Pastor Jim Rushing
Lindsey Willke

We are a group of neighbors,
businesses, property owners, and passionate citizens.

Our vision is to see the BLVD become a thriving community for both
businesses and neighbors that celebrates the rich culture of our diverse community. We believe this will require improvements in safety,
transportation, aesthetics and the formation of a formal business

Our focus for this project is the Rossville BLVD Corridor and adjoining neighborhoods. Rossville Boulevard (Highway 27) begins south of downtown Chattanooga and continues to the TN/GA State line. The scope of this project focuses on the 2.2 mile stretch of road that begins after the I-24 overpass and continues to the State Line. The road has a rich history dating back to 1907 and serves as a major connector that facilitates transportation and commerce between Chattanooga and North Georgia’s surrounding communities. The BLVD as a commercial district has a rich history of prominent factories, dress shops, and successful car dealerships. Surrounding the commercial district, are residential neighborhoods
composed largely of single-family homes.  In spite of the corridor’s
significance to the local economy, the surrounding commercial district and
neighborhoods have been largely neglected over the past several decades. 

These neighborhoods boast churches, access to public transportation and several green spaces. One of the most notable assets missing from the community is a grocery store. While convenience stores and Latin tiendas dot the community, there is not one general grocery store
located within the 37407 zip code. 

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